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May 24, 2011
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Air Colossus: Infinity by JustArt27 Air Colossus: Infinity by JustArt27
I didn't really plan on putting to much time into this entry like i did the last DA contest i entered. but sure enough...Anyway, I did this in digital media with line art. tried not to bog down the character with too much background. after all the judges want to see something they can understand and build.

Ok, so let me prep by saying my thoughts on this colossus are based on some translated research i did on aspects of the games existing story.

When the ward seal broke, and Crucia was given access again from her prison, she still wanted a way to present her presence in the most powerful and capable way possible short of actually returning. With the help of the sourcestones powers, she created Infinity: the embodiment of Crucia’s Consciousness in physical form. Enjoy!

Weapon: A Scythe infused with the power of thunder, wind and lightning

1. Ability to summon and control any air-element creatures.
2. Control the minds and wills of any weak characters on the field in combat causing them to confuse friend with foe.
3. Wield and control all air elements.

I may post this without the background later so viewers can better focus on the character. Considering the talent on the board so far and that I haven't played the game, I would be pleasantly surprised to place at best in the top 25.

Good luck to all.

I added the sketch diagram for how it should look if created for a 3D Environment
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nahp75 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
I really like this kind of picture. :thumbsup:
JustArt27 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yeah i need to more of these, never really got around to developing gaming characters, who knew!
nahp75 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
kskillz Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yo this is hoooot bro! Keep doing your thang!
JustArt27 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
kskillz Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2011  Professional General Artist
No prob!
THEPRODIGYP5ART Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Professional General Artist
Nice design and good luck in the gears contest, I seen a few of ur comments they were pretty funny to me lol.....
So what was the contest b4 the rift one u talked about up top? I donna take a look at it to see how judges judge these pics cuz I really donna win the Gears contest jet like a lot of other artist lol
JustArt27 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lol thanks! the previous contest was for resident evil afterlife 3D movie. I made a 3d poster for it [link] but it still didn't meet what the judges had in mind for a winning was hard for that one because you didn't really have any artistic reference for what they were doing and ,in turn, looking for. Epic has artist and artwork so it helps to see where they are coming from and understand where they are trying to go.
NateJ25 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
JustArt27 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thanks! took more time on this then i wanted too!
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